shedding books

Turns out I am a packrat after all, or rather a recovering packrat. There must be a 12 step program for book lovers somewhere.
This week I actually found a box of books that I never unpacked since I moved in 2002. Fancy that, I did open it and looked at the top item. Still interesting. I will leave it unpacked until I move again, then surprise myself with this new found treasure.
In the mean time, the library seems to be the only way to attempt to recycle books. Who knows what they finally do with them.
The shelves at my favorite library are mostly CDs and DVDs now.
The good news however is that libraries are not going out of style—at least not here in New York.
I rediscovered the West 53rd Street Branch last week.
It used to be one of my favorite branches, being so close to the MOMA. You cannot beat that combination!
The branch had to make room for some fancy high-rise several years ago, but with all the protests it against its closing the powers that be decided to give it a place on the ground floor.
Very fancy and at first sight a magnet for parents and nannies with small children. One drawback; they don't take book donations!
Still well worth the visit.